Write Letters of Support:

Send letters to the TMT Board encouraging them to relocate the telescope. TMT Board member email addresses can be found here

Sample letter to TMT Board:

Aloha, My name is ___________. I stand with the thousands of people engaged in peaceful demonstration on Mauna Kea and throughout the world.   The native Hawaiian community has not seen a resurgence of energy and unity of this magnitude in decades. It has been long overdue and shows no signs of waning. People from around the world are watching and joining us. The world is also watching TMT’s leaders and partners, who are in a unique position to take a step forward in understanding and respecting the rights and wishes of native Hawaiians despite their desire to revolutionize our understanding of the universe from Mauna Kea. I strongly urge the TMT International Observatory Board and it’s partners to withdraw its plans to construct the TMT on Mauna Kea and relocate the project to La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.  

Respectfully, ______________.

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