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Send an email to the UC Board of Regents

Instructions to submit written testimony to the UC Board of Regents: 


Click above or send an email to with subject line: UC Divestment of TMT Project. 

A few additional notes for those sending a written testimony: 


  • Each communication should include a subject line identifying the specific agenda item being addressed; failure to do so could prevent delivery of your comments. 

  • Emails received will be included, as appropriate, in the Secretary's summary of communications to the Regents.

  • Every email will not be responded to individually; however, emails will be shared with Regents and, when appropriate, forwarded to appropriate University administrative offices.


Copy and paste the sample email template below or write your own note: 


Aloha, my name is ___________. 


I stand with the thousands of people engaged in peaceful demonstration on Mauna Kea and throughout the world. 


We respectfully entreat you to: 


  • Compel TMT to withdraw from Mauna Kea immediately. 

  • Divest from TMT if it will not withdraw from Mauna Kea. 

  • If further discussion is needed, schedule an urgent special meeting immediately and announce the date promptly. 

  • Compel the state of Hawaii to cease all interference with indigenous Kia’i (Protectors).

At the last UC Board of Regents meeting at UCSF, Kia‘i (the protectors of Mauna Kea) delivered a letter from the United Nations pointing to the human rights violations involved in the construction of this telescope. 


Shortly after that meeting, the Board promised to hold a special session to discuss the UC’s involvement in the TMT project. Despite making this promise, this topic was not included in the agenda for the Board of Regents meeting scheduled for March 17-19 at UCLA. 


I understand your current focus is rightfully on containing the COVID-19 pandemic, a concern we all share to preserve the health and safety of our communities. Please bear in mind the effects of TMT’s continuation on Kia’i, many of whom are elders. Because of TMT, they are forced into court, meetings, and an endurance standoff- situations that elevate risk significantly. The UC system is directly responsible for this. 


Further, with every day that passes, your continued funding of this project directly puts the safety  of indigenous elders and other Kia’i at risk. Human rights violations, including any police brutality or aggression against those who are gathered in peaceful assembly, will be a direct result of your inaction. 


As a resident of California, a person concerned with the rights of indigenous people, and an individual who cares about the welfare of the planet, I request the UC Board of Regents withdraw all support for the proposed construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. 


Until the promised special session has been held, the UC Board of Regents must use its considerable power as a major partner in TMT to demand construction is halted until you are able to vote on the matter. 


The world is also watching TMT’s leaders and partners, who are in a unique position to take a step forward in understanding and respecting the rights and wishes of Native Hawaiians.




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